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Hejaz50 v5

25 October 2019 @ 06:00 16:00

Hejaz50 v5

The new instalment of the longest foot race series organized in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is BACK. After four successful Hejaz50 and one Hejaz100 back in February 2017, you can now register for the Hejaz50 v5.

Race Format

  • Hejaz50 v5 will have a total incline of 1200m ascent. Only.
  • You will run/ride in a clockwise direction.
  • The 50km includes 4 legs, labelled South, West, North, East  done in that order.
  • Relay runners must run in that order and one after the other. Running simultaneously will lead to Disqualification of the team.
  • Each leg starts and finishes at Hejaz50 BaseCamp: you will run/ride 4 legs from Hejaz50 Basecamp  and back to Hejaz50 Basecamp. Athletes must Check-out and Check back in at the start and end finish of each lap.
  • For Relay Runners, the runner finishing his/her leg and the runner starting his/her leg must be  present together for the check-in/check-out. 
  • Runners in a Relay team will be asked to run the last section (400m)  of the last loop of their last lap TOGETHER.
  • Trekkers/Hikers will do only the South then the North Leg.

Hejaz50 MTB’ers, runners ( Solo & Relay)  and trekkers  will start at 06:00 AM.

There will be an overall  cut-off time of 10hours for the 50km athletes. There will also be intermediate cut-offs

This is YOUR race. You can ride your Mountain Bike. You can walk. And, of course, you can run. You can’t miss it.

  • Trek
  • MTB
  • RR-2: Run Relay 50km: Team of 2
  • RR-3: Run Relay 50km: Team of 3
  • RR-4: Run Relay 50km: Team of 4
  • SOLO
  • Volunteer/Marshall
  • Volunteer 4×4


MTB riders, Trekers and SOLO runners can register on their own. You are of course welcome to register your friends to lower the transfer fees.

For Relay Runners, the Team captain will register the Team and make the payment on behalf of the Team. He will need to enter the names and email address of each of his team mates. We have created a “discussion” section on our FaceBook page to allow runners and team to match : runners looking for a team, or team looking for a runner can discuss there. Note: if you are still desperate and can’t find a team / runner, please get in touch with us info@hejazultra.org and we’ll try to help.

Race entry fee

Entry fee is per person regardless of the sport or size of the team. Fee is not transferable and not refundable.

  • 79 SAR only: EID Special – until Aug 17th 2019 23:55.
  • 149 SAR only: Early Bird – until Oct 2nd 2019  23:55.
  • 179 SAR : from Oct 3rd 2019 00:00 until Oct 19th 2019 23:55.
  • 229 SAR Late Fee – from Oct 20th 2019 00:00 until Oct 24th 2019 17:00.

Mandatory equipment

  • Athletes MUST carry with them at least 1.5 liter of water. it must NOT be in a disposable plastic water bottle by fear that this bottle might be disposed of in the wild. Athletes can use hydration packs, belts, backpacks at their convenience.


  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Hat / Buff (protection against sand storm)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses
  • Snacks
  • Fully charged phone
  • Toilet paper
Trek Early Bird
Trek – up to 28km
MTB Early Bird
Moutain Bike – 50km
Solo Early Bird
Solo – Run 50km
RR2 Early Bird
RR2 – Relay run Team of 2 runners
RR3 Early Bird
RR3 – Relay run Team of 3 runners
RR4 Early Bird
RR4 – Relay run Team of 4 runners
Volunteer / Marshal

Hejaz Hills

Jeddah, Makkah Saudi Arabia + Google Map

Who's coming?

Fabrice Laborie Georgios Karypidis robert Peachey Iwan Van der merwe Rod Castillo Fahed AlSafadi Yaser Saleem Julie Geissler Jacques Gouws Vishnu Pv Subram Sarathy Mohammed Jaber hajer Ashmeel Muneeb Saeed Meshari abuqayid Suleman Mulla Mohammed AlQatari Reynaldo Guarin Shaun Lafayette Ahmed Batterjee Amira Bahaaldeen Remi Matrau